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About The Village School

Front of Village Village Shool

The Village School is a full service childcare facility located at 1521 E. Arapaho in Richardson TX 75081. We are one block east of Plano Road. The school has been in continuous operation as a childcare center since the mid-seventies, under several different names. The Village School itself began operation in February 1996.

The school sits on almost an acre of land. The building is about 5,100 sq. ft. A large playground, almost 1/2 acre in size, is located behind the building. It is a great play space with 13 very large and very old shade trees. In Texas, in the summer, shade is a blessing. Large trees are also evident in front of the building. The playground is totally fenced and is very secure.

play ground full view

The building has six classrooms, a kitchen, laundry facilities, restrooms, offices and storage. The classrooms are located along a long central hall. The infant room has an observation window in the hall. The other classrooms can be observed through windows in the doors.

Our Mission

Our mission at The Village School is to make available child care services that provide a responsive, developmentally appropriate environment for young children that supplements the home environment; facilitates optimal physical, intellectual, and social-emotional development in the children; and provides parents with a sense of security that their children are safe, nurtured, and appropriately stimulated.

Quality Goals

The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) has identified indicators of quality which are accepted by practitioners in early childhood education. Primarily, the components include small group size, low teacher-child ratios, teacher training, parental involvement, and an environment which is safe and clean. We at The Village School provide each of these key elements of quality care for your child.

Quality child care requires planning activities that promote the total development of children. To achieve the goal of total development, we provide activities planning at The Village School that considers all of your child's daily needs, such as physical activities, social and emotional development, and cognitive and intellectual development. Also considered in this developmental program are outdoor play, indoor play, meals, and naps. We are flexible in how your child spends each day, but we keep in mind that these basic activities are essential to healthy mental and physical and development.

If You Are New to Child Care

We recognize that if this is your child's first experience with group care, he or she may have an adjustment period; and we realize that you may require an adjustment period also. There are recent studies on this subject, so please be assured that we are aware of the need for sensitivity in this area.


Parent Conferences

Individual conferences are frequent, as frequent as you may need. But we also have periodic parent-teacher conferences on a group basis. Here, you may be made aware of any news of improvements to the program, equipment, or facilities; and this will be another opportunity for you to speak with the management and other parents in a group environment. We strongly encourage your participation.