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Our Owner and Director

The Village School is family owned by Ed and Helle White and operated by Heather White. Their roots in the community are as deep as the schools. Helle White is still one of your Neighbors and Heather White went to all of the same schools your child will attend during the span of their primary education. They both see the children and families involved in The Village School as far more than students and clients. They are the people down the street, friends whose trust they have earned by being there every day for them and their children.

Helle received her B.A. from the University of Michigan and has done considerable post-graduate work in education over the years. She has spent her entire career as an administrator and Director of child care and early childhood administration.         

Heather jointed the team of the Village School in 1996 during a work-study program in high School. She has grown up with The Village School as part of her family. Helle and Heather ran the school together for many years with Helle as the Director and Heather in the role of Assistant Director. During these years together Heather learned all of the ins and outs of running a successful childcare center, while also attending study related courses. Heather earned her Director Qualification in 2012. They both have dedicated their lives to fostering a nurturing, safe environment for the kids of their community and it is visible in every detail in the operation of The Village School.