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Infant Care

At The Village School your infant will find a bright and cheerful nursery staffed with skilled, loving caregivers, who provide the security and personal attention your baby needs to develop a sense of trust and reassurance.
Providing a safe and healthy environment with an emphasis on cleanliness is a primary objective. Toys and other equipment are sanitized daily and proper hand washing routines are strictly adhered to.
Each baby follows his/her individual schedule. A daily diary, documenting meals, naps, elimination and other pertinent information the caregiver may wish to share with you, is kept for each child and provided for you at the end of the day.
The babies are always held for bottle-feeding.  Since “floor time” is important for babies of all ages, the children are encouraged to explore outside their cribs when not asleep. This gives the caregivers an opportunity to provide simple activities designed to stimulate each child at his level of development. Caregivers use lots of language as well as music and songs in their interactions with the children. A stroller built for four makes it possible for the babies to go outside each day, weather permitting.

The caregiver / infant ratio is 1:4